Ren Zhengfei sends employee letter to announce: Promote software project ability and practice in the round

Ren Zhengfei was signed and issue on January 2 ” a letter that sends faculty ” , the theme is ” competence of project of comprehensive promotion software and practice, make authentic high quality product ” , this also is this year China do for the president sign and issue 2019 001 files. Now day, the detailed content of this letter also is in China go up for net of aspirations community officer be able to exposure. China every document that handles for the president mirrors instead China for located environment or the strategy, can calculate even in those days key. 001 files were aimed at 2017 China for problem of in-house work style, be like ” blow more, work less, do not solve client problem ” and ” go up only, only KPI and do not be a center with the client ” etc, the file does not have Ren Zhengfei’s viewpoint, but attach the article that reflects company in-house problem and comment, also reflect the attitude that gives Ren Zhengfei. 2018 001 files are collection 3 speeches that Ren Zhengfei reachs backbone informal discussion to go up in report of consumer BG business, ren Zhengfei puts forward, it is a center successfully with commerce, high-end product is strengthened grow, but cannot ignore low end the action that the product is protecting our market space; China for He Rongyao double brand departure is run, china move toward high end for the brand, honor faces youth market, form ” double corner ” , answer different client group and market severally; Take craft and aesthetic seriously, make Gao Yan be worth the viewpoint such as the product. The safety this year adds up to compasses theme to be accorded with apparently China the challenge that faces for place, china give for the because of safety obstacle that encounters in international limits China to brought not little impact, in recent years the battalion outside Hua Weihai closes occupied its the in part that total battalion receives, if cannot be in,large-scale shipment early days eliminates 5G equipment the outside to China bed misunderstanding, china for each respect will bear pressure, and 2019 is 5G business uses the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, emphasize safety closing compasses is right China bed sense is extraordinary. It is Ren Zhengfei se上海千花网

nds employee below the letter is textual: 2019 001 files: Promote software project ability and practice in the round, make authentic high quality product — a letter that sends faculty I write a letter today, it is to want to communicate a company how to promote software project ability and practice in the round with everybody. The IPD 20 years ago changes, reframed mode of our research and development, came true from depend on individual, chance to roll out successful product, change to the system, the change that rolls out high quality product continuously. Up to now, our product and solution had been stabilized in security of 170 many states move, figure the client’s credit because of this is accumulated and winning the whole world. Today, we lie again a new start, comprehensive cloud is changed, intelligence is changed, software defines all waiting for to develop a tendency, to ICT infrastructure product raised unprecedented requirement authoritatively. Will become a client to wish to buy authoritatively, dare be bought and the government is accepted, the postulate that accredit China is. It is a product not just authoritatively the high quality result of explicit expression, it is a product more the high quality process of immanent implementation, be result and process is double but the high quality of test and verify. And pro上海龙凤论坛sh1f

mote software project ability and practice in the round only, just make an authentic high quality product likely. The company is already specific, regard the highest creed of the company as network safety and privacy protection. We should be in product of each ICT infrastructure and solution, blend in accredit, compose to build high quality, crucial content includes: Security (Security) . The product has fight attack ability goodly, protect the confidential sex of business and data, integrality and usability. Tenacity (Resilience) . The system suffers those who keep hold definition to run state when attack, include to demote, and the ability that when experience is atttacked, restores quickly. Privacy sex (Privacy) . Comply with privacy protects the requirement of since law laws and regulations, also be viewpoint of value reflect. User should the use means of the data that can dominate them appropriately. The use policy of information should be transparent to the user. The user should be controlled according to his need when to receive and whether to receive information. The privacy data of the user should have perfect protective ability and mechanism. Dependability and usability (Reliability Availability) . The product can ensure business failure free operation for a long time inside lifecycle, have the capacity that restores to manage with ego quickly, offer what can anticipate, consistent service. Promote software project ability and practice in the round, those who affect company future live and develop, with us each person be closely bound up. Here, my hope faculty, especially software engineers are participated in actively come in, make from oneself, dependable, make authentic high quality product jointly. We want change idea, pursuit makes authentic high quality product, it is function, characteristic high quality not just, also include a product to develop the high quality of delivery process. We know, function, character is crucial to the product, we more know, plan is crucial also to satisfying client requirement. Today, we want serve as the first first step authoritatively, put on function, character and plan. Unless the client trusts our product, otherwise these outstanding character produce value without the opportunity. We are various controller and faculty are not gotten wait for the origin that it is manage to reduce authentic demand with plan, function, character, ensure authentic requirement is not out of shape in executive process. We want from most encode quality of the foundation is made, inspect high quality code to be dignity and individual reputation. Code resembles the one brick that is high buildings and large mansions covering with tiles, without the code of high quality, authentic product is a castle in the air. We should be optimized and follow a company all sorts of process designing are normative, comply with framework and design principle, use all sorts of process designing libraries and API adroitly, write the code with a concise, standard, hale and strong, safe readability. We should understand the core element of the framework deeply, be based on guide all along undertakes framework and design authoritatively. In ensure authentic premise falls, want to make good balance in the respect such as function, function, expansibility; Cautiously defines our module and interface, accomplish tall cohesion and low coupling truly; We should abide by attributive and attack aspect the smallest change wait for safety design principle, science designs the segregation between module and interface, promotion security; Low rank framework and design should follow high-ranking framework and design princi上海龙凤论坛

ple, below the situation that understands original framework and design adequately, optimize continuously; We should be familiar with all sorts of design mode, put sb in a very important position is communal and mature package and service, avoid to duplicate爱上海同城论坛

work. We should reframe corrupt framework and the historical code that do not accord with software project standard and quality requirement. We know, again good framework, its vitality also is finite. Of chara爱上海同城论坛

cter of the change of the elapse as time, environment and new technology, new function introduce, the framework also can corrupt. Face corrupted framework, should reframe none hesitantly it. Direct actively with designing a principle to be authoritatively at the same time, go reframing not to accord with sof爱上海同城对对碰

tware project standard and the historical code that quality asks, promote software the vitality of the framework. We should study software technology deep, especially safe technology. Software technology is the main tool that we make a product, the technology is advanced, technical choice is logical, the height that decides our software; We should study framework and design, encode, test, safe, usability, performance deep, safeguard the gender, technology such as the experience, use these technologies scientificly. We should abide by the consistency of the process. Observe the applicable legal laws and regulations, standard that follows industry consensus, standard, ensure the standard arrives to the consistency of implementation, code binary consistency. The framework should accord with framework principle, the design should follow design pattern, code should accord with process designing standard, accomplish demand and implementation finally to agree, reach each acceptance to the client. We have only hardheaded had made each step, ability makes an authentic high quality product truly. For this, we should change behavior habit, pursuit high-quality goods. We should open transparent, active He Yong at announcing the problem is driven actively improve. Software develops the work that is a kind of creativity and artistic quality, need develops our intelligence an wisdom and latent capacity adequately. We should change the behavior habit that takes quality of code of functional result, ignored seriously only, want to observe software project standard strictly; Change passive patch up; Change fragment changes knowledge to get, go actively learning promotion and contribute experience, code, form share a knowledge base. The action that we need to change and habit still have a lot of, will tell to great majority person will be the transition process of an anguish, can take off a skin, but I believe everybody can meet this kind of challenge. More important is, we will form a flow that gets used to afore-mentioned change, organization and assessment mechanism through changing. We should be perfected and increase transparent, but backdate and but the whole technological process of audit manages a mechanism, with authentic perspective, establish product lifecycle government from initiative design, complete compose, promote software project ability and practice in the round. The code examine and verify that we are comprehensive aggrandizement core with Committer part and refer a mechanism, code course combines version more strictly with ability of examine and verify. For this we will establish the Committer part group of a higher level, the examine and verify of the nurse of responsible software framework, code and refer, whole ensures the high quality that combines code. We should change assessment mechanism, it is good to should let a framework design, the person that code keeps good shows itself, the person of not contented to process designing ability requirement gives help and groom. But if anybody is written code cannot combine version for long, will be abandoned by the group. Centenary in the past come, a lot of successful companies on the world change because of cannot suiting and topple. Want to get used to exterior change, only ego is developmental, we must maintain open and change continuously. The board of directors already decided, competence of project of comprehensive promotion software and practice will be begun with changing means, by spell president Xu Zhijun always is in charge of, the company is initiative and devoted 2 billion dollar, the plan uses 5 years of time, in ICT infrastructure domain implementation makes the target of authentic high quality product for the client. Hope you support and throw this actively to change greatly. Be like this only, we just can realize what did not come wish scene and mission: Take digital world into every every everybody, family, organization, compose builds the intelligent world of interconnection of everythings on earth. On December 27, 2018

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